About Tricia

My name is Tricia.  I am a thirty year old mother of two beautiful girls.  Leila is five and Thea is two.  My husband Cory and I live in Iowa with our children and rotten Shiba Inu dog Zoey.

I love to spend time with my family.  I enjoy photography, though I haven’t devoted much time to building that skill.  Mostly, I really like to write.

So I started my blog when Leila was about 4 months old. I did it when I was at that point where I was starting to come down from the hormone surges of pregnancy and giving birth, and I found myself in a moment of morbid thought. I thought, what if something happens to me, and Leila never gets to know who I was? Sure, people will tell her about me, but she won’t ever have any of me for herself. So I started this blog, with my first order of business to share some of myself with my daughter, that she may otherwise never have. That isn’t the only point of my blog though. I have a lot of family that I love very much, but I don’t get to see all that often. I wanted them to have a piece of my family that they may not have had the chance to know otherwise. So the blog became my way of sharing our lives with everyone out there on the internet who wanted to know us.  I am an open person and I really do like for those that I care about to know how I feel about them…so this blog has felt right from the beginning.


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