About Jumping Daisy

I have always liked daisies.  Probably my mother’s influence because she always says that daisies are just happy flowers.   I love the country feel of daisies growing wildly, popping up in every possible opening in the flower bed.  In 2007 my Grandmother passed away.  I found myself fixated on the daisies that I remember so well from her flower beds.  I wrote an essay for her as I was dealing with my grief, and it has become somewhat of a cornerstone of my blog.

The Daisies and their hearty characteristics, coupled with their ability to spread happiness, are a symbol of the spreading of love and joy.  I like to think that I am spreading daisies both in my life, as my role as a mother, and through this blog.  I myself am a jumping daisy from the gardens of the amazing women in my lineage, and I am blessed to have a couple of beautiful little jumping daisies myself.

Grandma’s Daisies

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