My Baby Girl

>Well, Leila is 4 months old and I was just thinking that I wish I had written more down during the last 4 months, I would like to be able to share more about Leila as she grows, and so I decided that starting a blog would be a good way to go.

On August 15th of 2005 I found out I was pregnant. I had a very easy, uneventful pregnancy, gained 30 pounds, had a pretty uneventful labor (thank the lord for epidurals), and now I have a beautiful baby, and I have lost those 30 pounds, plus another 20…gotta love breastfeeding!

Cory and I were both just certain we would be having a little boy. For months I was picturing myself with my little baby boy who looked just like his daddy…was I ever wrong! Leila looks just like her mommy, and is all girl! Cory has proved to be a big mush ball when it comes to his daughter. Every morning when she starts to wake up he hears her on the baby monitor and runs in to look over her co-sleeper so the first thing she sees is his smiling face, and she never fails to smile right back at him…so cute.

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  1. Mom Coobs says:

    >Hey, this is great. Hope we can keep up with Sweet Pea’s progress often this way, when we can’t see her in person. Thanks for doing it.

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