>6 months!

>Today is the day, Leila is six months old! Leila and daddy are following their normal weekend routine so far this morning…I took a picture in case you are interested πŸ™‚

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I on the other hand, can’t seem to sleep past 7:30 in spite of the fact that I am still getting up to feed Leila three times a night. 😦 Oh well I guess, this does give me some time to get things done without having to worry about what Leila has gotten into. She is a rolling machine these days! When we lay her down on the floor it is only a matter of seconds and she has rolled herself across the carpet to the other side of the room. It is very exciting to get to see her gain some independence, but it is also very scary!
When Leila and Daddy get up, we are going to rent a carpet cleaner, since we can no longer contain our girl on a dog hair free blanket. This past week we installed our baby gate. Since our house is a split level we had to get a wall mounted gate for the top of the stairs. So far it hasn’t been a problem for anyone but Zoey…that is just one more new thing that she will have to adapt to…and I must say that so far Zoey has been a very good doggie with a baby in the house…fingers crossed!
Last night Leila had a friend over to play. My friend Amanda and her husband Bryan and daughter Lilly were over for dinner. Lilly is a sweet little peanut, and in this picture you can tell that Leila was very interested in her…that is my arm holding her back from clawing Lilly’s eyes out…and Lilly just took it like a champ, such a calm little girl. πŸ™‚

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What else is new in the world of Leila…
We recently tried out green beans…they didn’t go over so well, but we continue to force Leila to eat them, in the hopes that she will learn to like veggies. I think maybe I should start force feeding veggies to Cory and I too so Leila doesn’t feel left out.
Well I think I had better get ready to clean my carpet…I am saving my pennies so I can afford to replace all of this carpet with a nice laminate floor…I am getting very tired of the dog hair and stains…well I hope you enjoy the pictures, here are a few more.

This is Leila and her friend Elmo…Leila wasn’t sure about Elmo the first time she met him..he kept shaking and making this giggle noise that made her cry, but now that she is older and braver, Elmo doesn’t seem so bad.

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Here is Leila showing us her favorite sleeping position…yes she is 6 months old and still sleeps in our room in the cosleeper…I can’t quite let her move out yet…but she doesn’t seem to mind the lack of space, since she curls up in a ball as it is. πŸ™‚

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Here is a picture of Leila and Mommy, don’t ask about my hair…I live my life in a constant tired state…but doesn’t my girl look beautiful?!?!

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And last but not least…here is the Coobs family at Leila’s first Hawkeye tailgate…there is nothing like this cute little face to look at to soften the blow of a disappointing football season. Go Hawks!
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