>Monday, already?

>Well Cory and I took Friday off last week, but it certainly doesn’t feel like we had a long weekend! Friday we went to get Leila’s 6 month pictures taken. We went to the same photographer who took photos at our wedding, and Andrea’s wedding. I am sure it will end up costing us a lot more then our usual trip to Penney’s or Sears, but we decided to splurge. Leila did really well…I don’t know that we got a lot of big smiles out of her…she was too interested in the new surroundings and spent a lot of the time just looking around. We will be sure to post the link to look at the pictures when they are ready, though it may be 3 weeks before that happens…we are very excited to see how they came out!
We also went and checked out car seats. We picked out the seat that we are going to buy for Leila in the next month or so, so that is one less thing that we have to worry about!
I had the joy of a trip to the oral surgeon’s on Friday afternoon. I had a tumor that had grown on my gums, apparently this is a side effect of pregnancy. They normally go away on their own, but mine decided to stick around so I had to have it cut out of my mouth. Friday night was kind of rough, and I am still nervous about getting too close to miss grabby pants for fear that she will grab my lip and rip open the stitch, but other then that I am feeling pretty much healed, and I am just glad that experience is over!
On the teething front, we are having another break through…or two! To match the two bottom teeth that Leila has been sporting for the last month or so, she now has two top teeth that have broken the surface. More later!

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