>Leila Bean

>Well, things have been pretty exciting in the world of Leila lately…we now have FIVE teeth broken through…hopefully once number 6 makes its appearance we can all have a teething break. Leila was her usual self when the bottom teeth came in, but the top teeth seem to be bothering her a little bit.
Aside from the teeth, Leila is now sitting up on her own for a short time. It doesn’t take long before she starts wobbling and then gives up and topples over, but she does enjoy sitting up and having full access to her toys. She still seems to favor her learning lion, but she also really seems to enjoy her books, I think that Moo Baa LaLaLa is her favorite.
The childproofing experiment is still in process, and Leila is already testing our progress as she rolls all over the house.
Tomorrow is G-Ma’s birthday so Leila and I are planning on going to her house to make dinner for everyone to come and enjoy after the football game. Go Hawkeyes!

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