>Zoey and Leila

>I wanted to post this before I forgot…

Last night Leila was being so cute and fun. Cory and I were sitting on our bed with her, and Cory was holding her up so she could stand. Zoey came in and wanted to play, she brought one of her toys with the hopes that Cory or I would throw it for her.

I picked up Zoey’s toy and threw it out the bedroom door down the hallway. Zoey ran after the toy, ran back and jumped back up on the bed. We kept doing this, and Leila was standing up next to me on the bed, and when I threw the toy she would bend over so she could see Zoey chase it down the hall and run back. When Zoey jumped up on the bed with the toy Leila would laugh! It so was cute! I wish we had a third person there to get it on video…

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