>It has been a while since the last time I posted and in that time Leila has started crawling! For a month or so now she has been doing some army crawling to get around, but last Thursday morning she was on the floor with her toys while Cory and I were getting ready for work, and she put one knee in front of the other and was off!
She started out kind of slow and wouldn’t go far before giving up, but a week later, there is no stopping her! 🙂
We are adjusting to keeping the baby gate shut and one eye on the moving target and so far so good. So far the best part of Leila crawling has got to be watching her chase after Zoey. Leila will crawl right into her and head butt Zoey in the belly! So far Zoey has taken it really well and just move away when she gets fed up, but Leila just keeps chasing her and grabbing her tail and rubbing her head on Zoey’s fur. We are trying to be very careful and be sure to praise Zoey for her good behavior and amazing temper when it comes to Leila…we have yet to catch the fun on the camcorder but we will one of these days!

We are looking forward to Christmas break when Cory and I will get to spend a week at home with Leila working on some sleep training…the sleep training we are not so much looking forward to…
We will definitely post some pictures from Christmas and a full update on all of the wonderful boxes and crunchy paper that Leila will enjoy! 🙂

I hope everyone that reads this has a wonderful holiday and a happy new year…for those that don’t read…bah humbug!

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