>when will winter end?

>I am so ready for spring to get here, I can’t even express how much I hate winter…snow be gone!
I haven’t written in a while because our computer was out of operation, and we finally got everything fixed this weekend.
Leila has been doing some really cute things lately 🙂 She makes this face that I call her frog face. She sticks her tongue out and sucks it back in over and over. She smiles and knows how cute she is!
She has a little car that you can adjust to stand up so that she can hold on to it and walk. She has mastered this now, and pushes her way around the house.
She is eating all grown up foods these days and she loves to feed herself.
We also experienced our first baby injury this weekend. Leila has a little bit of a black eye that she got while playing with her pan on the living room floor. It looks pretty sad, but she got over it fast.

Here are some pictures of our princess 🙂

She is 10 months old, came across a pacifier in her toy box and NOW decides that she likes to suck on them!
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Leila loves her dog Zoey…she especially likes to harass her while she is lounging around by pulling on her tags. Zoey takes it like a champ!

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We made a trip to Champaign last week and Uncle Evan bribed Leila to hang out with him by giving her his watch.

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Fettuccine Alfredo is good!
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The Coobs family hanging out!
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Much love from the Coobs family, Stay warm! Spring is just around the corner!!!

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