>Family time

>It is Sunday afternoon, and as much as I hate the fact that tomorrow is Monday, back to work, I love weekends and being able to be with my family.
Yesterday we went to visit Nanny Nancy, who will be Leila’s new day care provider. Nancy is a very nice lady, and she has a great set up in her house for watching children. Leila will be one of 6 little girls at her new sitters. I am a little nervous about her being with so many other kids, with only one person for supervision, but Nancy has lots of experience, a very safe area for the kids and she seems to really enjoy what she does.
Leila’s first day there will be next Monday, April 2nd. I am going to go with her for the first part of the day, until she seems to be adjusting well to Nancy and the other girls. We hate to leave Marla, Leila’s current sitter, but she is moving away with her family when her sister graduates Dental school in May.
After we dropped in to play at Nancy’s and let Leila get accustom to being there, we went to Lowe’s and bought a new ceiling fan for Leila’s room. Daddy installed the fan while Leila and I hung out and watched. It looks really nice, and we already used it today for Leila’s nap. It is nearly 80 degrees outside, so Leila is wearing some shorts for the first time this year.
Cory is not feeling well today, maybe a result of the drinking and card playing we did last night with Andrea and Steve after Leila went to bed. Either that or he has some kind of bug, so Leila and I have been hanging out, reading about the Hungry Caterpillar and playing with an endless basket of toys.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the wonderful weather!

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