>One of those days…

>This morning we dropped Leila off at daycare and when I crouched down to get my morning goodbye hug, Leila’s wonderful soft baby cheek was pushed up against mine and it took every ounce of will power I had not to just scoop her up and turn around and leave. It is kind of embarrassing when your kid is trying to get away from your overbearing embrace so she can get to the playing already. I could sure use another one of those baby hugs right now.

On to phase 2 of today’s update. Comic relief. So we have been working with Leila on manners. She is really good at “Please” and “You’re welcome”, and needs a little reminder for “Thank you” and “Excuse me”. So this weekend Leila and I are hanging out and this conversation takes place:

Leila: Farts and says, “I farted”
Mommy: “What do you say?”
Leila: “You’re welcome”

This is now officially an inside joke at our house. All burps and farts are promptly followed up with, “You’re Welcome.”

So much for teaching manners.

The Camera has been located. Stay tuned for a video of Leila multitasking as she somersaults in the living room without taking her eyes off of the TV.

Disclaimer: We really aren’t terrible parents, even though our 2 year old daughter does know and use the word fart and watches Family Guy (It really was just once). Really, we aren’t terrible parents. Really.

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1 Response to >One of those days…

  1. >You aren’t terrible at all…I love it! Too cute!

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