>Mother’s Day

>I had a very good Mother’s day. My sweet husband got me just what I asked for…a Nike + Sportband so I can keep track of my runs and chart my progress online. Hopefully it will motivate me to get back out there and actually run. (I am going to test it out tomorrow!) This is just the kind of jewelry that I was hoping for.

Next, My darling daughter Leila first picked me some beautiful flowers from our yard 🙂

And then, she brought me an adorable paper flower pot with Leila hand prints for flowers growing out of it…an art project from school. I didn’t take a picture of that, but it is adorable. Cory brought her home from school and she brought the package right to me. I opened it and she tried to take the present back. Apparently she wanted that for herself, but I managed to get it away from her so that I could display it on our fridge. I was thinking about taking it to work, but Cory says that he would miss getting to look at is so I guess I will give him a break even though it is a Mother’s day present! 🙂

On Mother’s Day we went to my parents house in Lowden, where my sweet little sister Dani gave me a bouquet of flowers, just because she is the best. (Thanks Dani)

So, as you can tell, I was very blessed this Mother’s day, but I have to tell you about the very best gift of all.
Sunday night we got home from our trip to Lowden at about 7:30. Leila goes to bed at 8 on most nights, and even though she had taken a pretty nice nap on the drive home, we decided to try out bedtime. So we carried her to bed and put her in her crib. Like most nights she whined a little bit and then rolled onto her belly and asked to be covered up by her nigh nigh blanket. So we covered her and went back out to the living room. We knew she wasn’t asleep so we turned on the baby monitor so we would be sure to hear if she needed anything else. She was awake in there for about an hour, and it was so freaking cute to listen to her talk to herself in bed! I heard her say, “Baby Sawyer, Dani, Cassie, Andi” as if she was just listing off the people she had seen that day. Then she started playing our car trip game with herself. When we are in the car we will ask her what sounds different animals make, or we will ask her “who says quack quack.” Lately she has been asking us the same questions, and we give her some wrong answers just to hear her correct us. We had played this game on the way to Lowden on Sunday, and now on Sunday night we could hear her in her room, “What does a cow say?” “quack! quack!” “NO!” It was so cute. I think that this struck me for a couple of reasons. First of all, I just think it is so neat to know that she remembers conversations so well when there is no one there to prompt her. And secondly, I think it seemed like she was laying in bed thinking about her day, and she was thinking about her family while she put herself to sleep. How sweet is that?!?! If you read my last post you know how important family is to me, and it just warms my heart to hear Leila talking about her family and remembering the fun day she had while she drifts off to sleep.
Go ahead and call me a softie but I am sure that I my eyes got a little misty while I sat here and listened to my daughter, my big girl. What a wonderful gift.

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