>Photo Update!

>Leila and Baby Sawyer, look at how big he is getting!!!!

Here are a buch of pictures from our week in Warsaw and the 4th of July. We have had a wonderful time over the past week or so and we are already looking forward to our trip to Montana next week!

Pop pop Carey skiing! Leila loved to watch Daddy and Pop pop and Dani ski!

Daddy and his little fish

Playing in the water with Cassie

Leila even got a ride behind the boat on the tube…she loved it and didn’t want to come back in!

Fun with fireflies!

My Grandma and Grandpa Morgan πŸ™‚

Board game fun during the family vacation

Leila wouldn’t get out of the pool, even though her lips were starting to turn purple!

A picture of me, as taken by Bryce πŸ™‚

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  1. >Your parents, brother & sister just left & I’ve been quietly crying. When you, Cory, Leila, Andrea, Steve, & Sawyer left I had a horrible hollow feeling but consoled myself with those remaining. You are all such a WONDERFUL family and we had so much fun! We have fantastic memories to make us laugh & feel so blessed. Dear Leila, I had my first tube ride also. I loved it and hope to do it again next year. But I did want to get off. My muscles quickly ran out of strength. Gamma taught me how to get on, hold on, and get off. And everyone guarded me from going under. I did swallow some water. Thank you for coming to see us. Come again soon. EVERYONE! Boat loads and lake fulls of love, Grandma Karen

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