>I have been a bad bad blogger. Partly because life has been so hectic lately, and partly because I am spending a lot of time on all things political. I know that most of my readership disagrees with me politically, so I am keeping my trap shut for now. 🙂

Potty training is still going on…the kid won’t poop on the potty chair to save her life. I am thinking about just calling the whole thing off for now, she will eventually get there and I am beginning to believe the potty pressure is causing some of her behavior issues lately, the kid is frustrated and so are we! We have a sticker chart and we all clap and cheer every time she goes, but it doesn’t seem to be enough…I really think it is a control issue because she has been staying dry at daycare, she just loves to punish the ones that love her most.

On the baby front, things are going well. I have only had a net gain of one pound, and at 18 weeks along, I will take that! I am feeling the baby move, which is neat, but I feel guilty to say that I still don’t feel all that connected to this little one. That may make me seem like a bad mother, and maybe I am, but I try to be honest with myself here. I know I will get there(I assume?), but for some reason, I just haven’t fully accepted that I am having another baby. I have another appointment on Monday where we will be scheduling my ultrasound for somewhere around the 20 week mark…I will be 19 weeks on Monday so I will assume sometime in the week or two following that appointment we will get to have a peak of our little on. You can count on my posting pictures, but don’t expect to see the gender, we will be telling the tech not to show/tell us so we can have a the surprise unveiled at the birth.

I do have some pictures to post from when we went to Cedar Falls to visit Dani on family weekend at UNI…I will try to get them up tonight.

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  1. Laura says:

    >Isn’t that what makes this America? The fact that we get to have our own political opinions. I am still undecided. There are things about McCain/Palin that I like and there are things about Obama/Biden that I like. Just not enough likes on one side to make my decision yet. Mainly there are just enough dislikes on both sides to keep me from picking one or the other. I’ve still got a couple of weeks before I have to decide.

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