>Kellie’s wedding

>Two weekends ago we made a trip to Lincoln, NE for my cousin Kellie’s wedding. We had a really nice time. I think Leila had the best time of all. Not only did she get to swim in a hotel swimming pool but she also got to dance the night away at the reception.
When we got to the wedding she immediately noticed the cake and had to take a look. I think while we were waiting for the wedding to start Cory had to carry her over to look at the “birthday cake” three or four times. We had to keep a close eye on her or she would have attacked the thing I am sure! The grooms cake had fish on and Leila said that it was a big scary shark.
So we sat down in our seats and Cory was explaining to Leila what we were about to see. He told her that when you get married you get a ring and he showed her his ring, and I showed her mine.
So the wedding gets started and Leila is standing on her seat and she says loudly enough that all of our row could hear her, “I am going to get married and then I will get a ring right here!” As she held up her hand in the air. Too funny.
I wish that I could figure out how to get my video’s to upload without taking FOREVER so I could show you Leila dances moves, but for some reason our internet doesn’t want to work very fast for me so you will have to settle for pictures!

On our way back home on Sunday we stopped in Tabor to see our Howard family. My Aunt and Uncle had a house fire on Friday afternoon. I didn’t take any pictures of the house, but the fire was devastating and this week the house will be torn down to start over. Thankfully a lot of their belongings were salvaged, including most of the family pictures. I will be thinking of them as they start putting everything back together and begin moving on.

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