>I saw a commercial for this show once, I don’t remember for sure what the show was called, but the scene stuck out in my mind. A woman asks a man, “Why do people have to die?” and his response is, “To make life valuable.”
As a Christian, I know that I am supposed to look at death as a gift. A passport to a world that is better than earth, where you don’t read everyday on cnn.com about pain and suffering, but instead spend all of eternity in God’s presence with no regard for the work you have to get done and the deadlines you have to make. It sounds pretty good, but then, why is death so hard to deal with?
Heavy topic for a mommy blog I know, but unfortunately this topic has dominated my thoughts all week. I don’t really want to get into the sad details of why that is, but suffice it to say that I am having a hard time dealing with the question, “why do people have to die?” I know very well why death seems so sad and scary to me. It is permanent. No more hugging your babies, no more reading them books. No more late night conversations in bed with your husband. I don’t understand how someone could choose to give that up. But it happens, and it makes me incredibly sad.
Even sadder is not having a choice. Either way death is hard, and life can sometimes be harder. I am grateful to be be able to see how valuable life is.
I think this world is the sad place that it is for a reason, I believe that the sadness and trials of earth are here to help us do a better job as angels someday. I hope I am right.
I wish I could heal all of the hurt and then turn off my mind for a while.

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