>A stroll down memory lane

>So yesterday instead of heading into the office I attend a seminar at the University. So much about the experience reminded me of my college days, and really made me feel old. The day started off with a reminder of my least favorite thing about being a student…having to walk to classes in the freezing cold. The seminar was held in the Business building, where Cory and I both spent a lot of time during our stay at the University. Cory majored in Business, Management Information Systems, and I have a business minor.
Walking around that building brought back so many memories, some good, some not so good. It was a strange experience, but I did really like the break in routine and gawking at the many students because of what they find to be appropriate to wear outside of their apartments. 🙂
The Seminar was called Managing Projects and Priorities. One of those things that I do to help me reach the requirements to get my Project Management certification. It was a good course, though there was a little tangent about values that I found to be kind of depressing. The speaker told us that you need to evaluate what your values are. What are the most important things to you. Once you know your values, you need to make sure that everyday you are doing work that matches your values, and once you get there, you have a legitimate claim of possessing inner peace. Huh. If I have to spend my days doing work that is motivated by my values, I am never going to find inner peace, though I am not sure anyone ever truly does.
Which brings me to my after seminar activities. So, the seminar was over at 3:30, and Leila is used to getting picked up at 4:45 so I figured this was a perfect opportunity for me to check out a store downtown that I had been meaning to visit. I will just refer to the store as, “the dream crusher.” A couple of ladies decided to open this store in Iowa City. The store sells designer fabrics, patterns and yarn. They have a studio space where people can rent time on a sewing machine and classes are offered. They also have a small cafe where you can buy drinks and baked goods. The reason I have given the store such an endearing nickname is that for a several years I have had a dream to open a store that sells designer fabrics, has a small cafe, studio space and offers classes. I don’t really care about yarn so I guess they have me there. Oh, and it wasn’t that impressive, not nearly enough fabric selection, and I would have a place for kids to hang out and also allow for local seamstresses to sell their products too. Oh well.

So I was thinking that I should post some pictures of my baby belly, but so far pictures haven’t happened, trust me when I say it is looking pretty obvious these days. Sooner or later I will get to that. As well as pictures of our families very first real Christmas tree…one of these days.

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