>I keep coming here…

>wanting to unload some of the things I have been thinking about, but I guess I am just not ready to spill my guts yet. Part of it is work related, and I don’t want to say anything until everything is solidified. Part of it is spiritual, and I think I am still digesting. For now I will say that, particularly if you are a woman, and you are looking for a book to really make you think your relationship with God and what that means for your own self-esteem, give “The Apple You Were Fed”
a try.

I have been working on it for a few months…it is one of those books that is so full of thought provoking ideas, that I can’t read very much of it at a time. It is kind of like a very rich dessert…if you have too much of it, it doesn’t taste as good. Anyway, it is really making me think about myself and how my own feelings about myself reflect on my relationship with God. I am sure I will have more to say about it soon, but for now I am slowly enjoying my rich dessert and mentally preparing myself for the profound changes that are just around the bend.

As far as the family goes, we are all doing really well. I have been sick a lot this month, having a couple of really scary migraines with aura that I had never experienced before, along with a couple of sinus infections. Last weekend we capped off a lovely January with a whole round of stomach flu for the whole family. That was very rough, but Cory proved once again what a wonderful husband and father he is as he took care of Leila and I through our illnesses. He went so far as to sleep in Leila’s bed with her and hold her little bucket for her when she was sick…it is no wonder that Daddy is her best friend.
Leila has been doing pretty well. She is very close to being potty trained, though for some reason lately she really resists sitting on the potty unless it is her idea. She doesn’t have many accidents, but we aren’t totally in the clear yet. I am sure that she will backslide some when her little sibling arrives too, but we really aren’t in a big rush, so we shall see. Leila is also loving the TV a little too much. With the cold weather it is really hard to find things we can do, especially on the week nights when we really don’t have a lot of time to spare either…that is when we end up watching the same repeated episodes of the Care Bears from our DVR. She LOVES the Care Bears.
Cory has been pretty busy with work. He essentially has two jobs right now, and one of them is a real challenge. Not only is it something that he isn’t very familiar with, but it is a project that he inherited that was already over budget and over schedule. Not a great place to be. Hopefully that project will be all finished before the new baby arrives and he will be back down to one job!
We are all looking forward to Spring and more time outside, and enjoying getting to know our new baby.
I hope all is well with everyone out in cyberspace…stay warm! šŸ™‚

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