>Better not quit my day job

>While sitting on the edge of the bathtub begging Leila to hurry up and pee or get off the potty while I held a screaming infant who was trying to suck milk out of my arm, I realized that no matter what I do, I am failing somebody at all times, sometimes everybody who relies me to take care of them. Being a mom to two is really hard.

Most times I am failing at least one human and the dog.

I don’t even want to get into the details, I am too brain dead from my exhaustion to write a coherent post anyway, so I will leave you with a quote from Leila today during our nearly 2 hour long battle over nap time. “Momma, you are gonna make me very angry!” And this is only the beginning…

I am trying to laugh about it so I don’t break into sobs. Is this day over yet?

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1 Response to >Better not quit my day job

  1. Gramma S says:

    >It WILL get better – I promise! I can’t say when, but I remember days when I was certain I would not survive. Maybe my mind didn’t :), but I’m still walking and talking. It WILL get better – I promise!

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