>How beautiful is this baby girl? Only 2 more days of life with a 2 year old…my baby is growing up.

Things are going well, I will write more later I am sure but just one little tidbit to give you an idea, this morning I asked Leila to spread out a blanket on the floor for me to put Thea on and she said, “Mommy, I want Thea to use my nigh-nigh blankie” and she spread out her very well loved, prized blanket that she has been carrying around with her since she was nine months old, and asked me to lay her baby sister on it so she could look at her face and sing to her. And Thea stared intently at Leila as she lay on nigh-nigh and smiled at her big sister. I am so happy to have brought these two together. 🙂

And one of miss Thea, charming her daddy 🙂

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