>Terrible 2s? Yeah right.

>The days keep flying by. I have just over 3 weeks of maternity leave left and it seems like just yesterday that Thea was born.
The weeks have been flying by us and Thea keeps growing! She is already in size 2 diapers and most of her clothing is now size 3-6 months. I have been going through her clothes trying to make sure she has an opportunity to wear every one of her cute new outfits before she outgrows them. It is so sad to pack up all of those cute clothes knowing she has only worn them ONCE! I am a bit of a Gymboree addict so I try to make sure that none of those clothes go unworn! 🙂

Leila has been a challenge. This week especially has been a challenge. I try really hard to make sure that Leila’s days at home aren’t boring and that she gets attention and we do activities that are fun for her, but it gets really difficult to keep her happy. I am sure part of it is just that she is 3 and has a new baby sister taking part of the attention. Along with that, she refuses to nap. If I want to force her, it takes an hour or two of fighting and then the hour or 2 that she actually sleeps and our whole afternoon is shot. I let her go without napping, she is a TERROR once 4:00 hits. It is really a no win situation. I really want us to enjoy our time together, but I find that I spend most of our days redirecting her, or threatening her with time or, or giving her time outs. It has been a major rain on my parade. I had very high hopes for this time and I have been looking forward to this since Cory and I decided to pursuit my staying home part time.

On the work front, it is official, when I go back to work on June 1st, I will be a part time employee. I will be working Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and spending Wednesdays and Fridays at home with the girls. My new schedule, and the fact that I really enjoy my job and the people I work with has me really looking forward to going back. I appreciate the time I am able to spend at home, but I would really really like to get back in the swing of things. I decided to take this much time because I believe that babies need their momma’s and I wanted to give Thea a full time at home mom for as long as we could, but I am really feeling restless and like I am not at my best. I would not make a good stay at home mom. On top of that, our home does not have the space to play. I really wish we had a playroom where Leila could truly do as she pleased, as it is, her things are spread out through the house in rooms that also contain things that are NOT her toys, and of course those are the items that she really wants to play with. The terrible twos are nothing compared to the threes. I love my daughter so much and it kills me to spend so much time upset with her. Something has to give. I am now on the prowl for books on discipline…I need some fresh ideas to save my sanity.

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  1. Liz says:

    >He Tricia! It's Liz (Sunderman) I am having the same exact problem with my little boys. Terrible threes and a new baby (5 months old). He is the same way Leila is at naptime. On top of that he is horrible with our two year old, biting him and slpaping him. I am also in search of something easy and fast to read for disclipline. I did find something on the internet that I may buy. I was gong to see if you found anything helpful yet. This is the title of the book I found: Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime by Dr. Ray Guarendi. Good Luck to you and let me know how you do! Are you going to be back for the Tabor Farmers-Merchant picnic?

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