>baby updates!

>I probably shouldn’t take a lot of time at this since as I speak Grandma is upstairs rangling with all three of her grand babies while I sit in Andrea’s quiet basement uploading pictures and updating my blog. I won’t feel too bad about it though since Grandma was just begging for updates. This is what she gets!

So, I am nearing the end of my maternity leave, which is a little bitter sweet, but I have to say it is mostly sweet. I have really enjoying having this time with Thea, but I am really ready to get back in the swing of our “real life.” Since I am going to be working part time, I don’t feel nearly the heartache over leaving the girls at daycare that I did when Leila was the infant. I don’t like sending a baby to daycare, but she will only be there 2 days a week and I will get to return to my work, that I honestly enjoy. I am a little worried about the guilt I will feel at not being able to turn out the amount of work as a full time employee, but I am really going to try to not let that bother me. Along with being part time, I am also going to be taking breaks throughout the day to pump breastmilk for Thea. I have come up with a plan to make this productive time though! πŸ™‚ Our public libraries have books on CD so I am going to put some books on my iPod to listen too while I pump. I am going to start with The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I figure, for having taking tons of business classes and working in a professional career, it is probably pretty shameful that I have never read this book, and so I am going to kill two birds with one stone. Now enough about me…

Leila has been having a pretty good couple of weeks. The warm weather has done us both a lot of good. We have been taking walks, going the park and she is trying to master ride the tricycle. Just yesterday I took her out to ride her trike. She is used to being pushed, but we took the push handle off of it and told her it was time she peddled herself. Well, she made it about 4 houses down before she got off and refused to peddle. She is stubborn, but so am I. I think the neighbors enjoyed the show as we stood on the sidewalk and argued. Leila finally pushed her trike on to its side and threw a big fit, so I pushed her right back home! πŸ™‚ Better luck next time!
We have recently starting going to gymnastics class at the rec center. The first time Leila would not participate at all and it was a really miserable experience. This last week was a vast improvement though and I think she had a lot more fun. Hopefully the new class schedule for summer will work well for us so she can keep going. I am hoping it will help her get over some of her fears and work on following directions.
She is a beautiful spirited little girl and she really loves her sister. Though lately she has been begging for a baby brother. She even asked me if we could trade Thea for her new little cousin Quincy. Quincy is cute but I am very much attached to my little squishy, so I don’t see that happening! πŸ™‚

Thea is wonderful, beautiful and getting to be a lot of fun. She loves to smile and is on the verge of a giggle, I can almost get it out of her! She has been sleeping through the night! AMAZING! I don’t mind saying it outloud, though I know it is a jinx, because I am sure it won’t last forever, but for now we are really enjoying the rest!

As for Cory, I can tell you that he has been busy with work, and every day he comes home to a house full of girls that love him to no end. Leila is even more of a Daddy’s girl now then she was before Thea came around. Everytime he leaves she asks me when he will be back.
At daycare last week Leila told one of the teachers, “My Daddy loves me and he is going to pick me up after work!”
Thea saves some of her biggest smiles for Daddy too, so I may have two Daddy’s girls on my hands.
Maybe when Leila gets her little brother he will be a Momma’s boy! HAHA Just kidding!

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  1. Laura says:

    >When we were living in Cincinnati my husband bought that book on CD to “pass the time” on a trip home. I could not stay awake. I think it was the best nap I ever had. Good Luck!

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