>Fun Days


Last night our friends Matt and Cindy brought their boys Bryce (3) and Elijah (1 1/2) up so we could take all of the kids to fun days. Fun Days is your typical community festival that they have here in North Liberty and last night was family appreciation night. It was so sweet to see how excited Bryce and Leila were to go to the carnival!
I so wish I had my camera with me 😦 Cory took a couple of pictures on his phone, if they turn out I will add them here so you can see how stinkin’ cute you little babies were sitting in the mini Ferris wheel. As soon as they got in Bryce started getting scared and Leila was surprisingly happy. (She is a big wiener when it comes to “danger”.) Once around and they were both yelling at the carnie that was manning the ride to let them off! 🙂
Leila loved the bounce house and was having a really good time checking out the rides. Then we came to the giant slide. It was one of those that you slide down a mat on to make you go faster. Leila really wanted to go on it. Now, knowing our Leila, and the fact that she won’t go down even the larger slides at our little playground, I had my doubts.
She picked up her burlap mat and swung it over her shoulder as she took off up the steps with confidence. I watched my little girl from the ground where she looked so tiny, like a little baby trying to play with the big kids, while at the same time she looked so grown up, independent and brave. She didn’t even ask her daddy to go with her on the slide, she was going to conquer this thing on her own! As I watched her climb the stairs I had a feeling of pride at her bravery and a giant smile on my face. Did I know this girl? I couldn’t help but wonder what was changing in my little one to make her turn into such a big kid so quickly, when it seems like just weeks ago she was clinging to my side and begging me to rescue her from the tiniest bits of adventure at the local park.
Leila reached the top of the slide and she took her mat down off of her shoulder, set it down at the top of the slide and turned around and started back down the stairs. I couldn’t help but laugh. Now that is my girl! 🙂
Cory ran up after her and helped her back up to retrieve the mat and then walked his baby girl all the way down the steps back to the safe and familiar ground. Maybe she isn’t totally grown up after all. I don’t mind.
After the slide experience we tried a couple more rides. One was a big maze that the kids could run through that included climbing a rope wall, and crossing a swinging bridge. After she started through the maze I noticed the swinging bridge. Leila does not do swinging bridges. Matt and Elijah went and saved our little princess and carried her down. We capped off the night with a ride on the little planes that go around in circles. Leila and Elijah enjoyed the ride, and as they flew around the circle I could hear Leila singing the theme song to her favorite cartoon…Little Einsteins. If you don’t know the show, it is 4 little kids that go on adventures in a rocket, that looked a bit like the little pink plane that our kids were riding on.
What a great night!

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