>Since we don’t really have enough going on in our lives right now, Cory and I have decided to take the plunge and sell our house so we can move on to something that suits our family a little better. We love our neighborhood, and we love a lot of the things about our house, but there are also a lot of things about this house we don’t love…the big one being only 2 bedrooms on the main level.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. I have kind of started the process by going through the house and starting to eliminate the clutter. I hate clutter anyway, so I am actually really enjoying this part. I have boxes of stuff ready to take to consignment and I can’t wait to be free of it. I already feel lighter! 🙂

The next part of the process is what I am not looking forward too…painting. Ick. And we have a lot of it to do. I am afraid this process is going to take longer than I anticipated, but our intention is to list our house and start the process to purchase a lot in the subdivision we have been eyeing for some time now, and begin the process of building our hopefully forever home. So we may end up in a real bind having to try to sell this house before we can close on a new house, or we may end up in a different bind if we sell this house and need to get out of it before our other house is done. I am really hoping that scenario 2 is the problem we run in to, if we have a problem. Wish us luck as we start this process, I have a feeling that it will be causing me a lot of extra anxiety, but I have been thinking and praying on this for a long time, and I feel comfortable that this is right for us. Now I am really hoping we can afford to build the house we want!

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3 Responses to >Housing

  1. >Good luck! We want to build too…Once you start you will have to post pics of the progress.

  2. Laura says:

    >How great!! Good luck! Austin and I plan on building but not for another 5-10 years.

  3. Tabe Jean says:

    >Good Luck! That is so exciting..

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