>I Love you Man

>Lately Leila is into telling everyone she talks to about this movie that she saw at Grandma and Papa’s house. (She didn’t watch the whole thing, I promise)…her story goes something like this, “Have you seen I Love You Man? It was so HILARIOUS! The man drank too much pop and he said, ‘in your face!’ and he throwed up right in the other man’s face! It was SO DISGUSTING!” HAHHAHAHAHA

She is so funny, and I love to listen to her talk…it kills me when she pulls out words like, “hilarious” or “enormous”. Leila is a pretty smart cookie. I fear for her kindergarten teacher because she will have her hands full with our little character.

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1 Response to >I Love you Man

  1. >that is hilarious!! she has good taste in movies! 😉

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