I read this book by Max Lucado a couple of weeks ago. I have recently started trying to focus more of my time on reading for relaxation and I picked up this book because I was having a hard time dealing with some tragic happenings. I decided today to post about this book, because as I read the book, I knew that I really enjoyed it, but now a couple of weeks removed from reading it, I am finding myself reflecting on some of the items that the author brings up, and really finding comfort in the tough things in life. If you are a Christian, you will enjoy this book, I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t. It was a very quick read, even with two little kids around and it was spiritually uplifting, educating and comforting.
Lucado writes about an experience that he had riding in some kind of military plane. It was very fast and very frightening. He writes about focusing on the pilot of his plane, who has been through this very flight many many times before. He focuses on the pilot and his experience to bring himself comfort though a very frightening experience for himself and he likens it to focusing on Christ through our hard times, and remembering that he has been here before, and he will bring us through one way or another. The book is full of these types of scenarios: A real life experience coupled with an account from the Gospels where Jesus has calmed a similar fear, and capped off with words of comfort and removal of fear. I checked this one out from the library, and I can see myself checking it out again. Either way, I will definitely be reading more of this author. I consider myself to be a “Christian Lite.” And this book appealed to me where a lot of Christian Literature seems judgmental and overbearing, this does not.
As I told my dad, each chapter of this book was like a really good church service without the music! 🙂

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