>Mommy had a birthday

>I turned 29 on the 15th. I don’t really like a fuss about my birthday, I am just not one to thrive on attention in most cases. I do think it is important that Leila learn that everyone has a special day, not just her, and she really enjoys spoiling mom and dad too so it works out well. Daddy took Leila shopping, and though she was less excited about the giant cookie birthday cake that she picked out when she was told that she would not be eating it immediately (I guess there was a bit of a meltdown in the mall), I can report that she was excited to give it to me on my birthday, so she must have gotten over it! 🙂

I woke up on my birthday to “Pioneer Woman” pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream. Made from scratch by my husband. This is the man who I begged to make me pancakes one morning about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with Leila. If you know Cory, you know that he is a pretty happy guy, kind of hard to rattle. Well that day four years ago he told me that he would NEVER attempt pancakes again, and I believed him because he was quite pissed off at his failed attempt at the perfect cake. Well, I guess his love knows no bounds because I feasted on some beautifully prepared pancakes, and I didn’t even have to ask. Not only was there a stack of flapjacks to greet me, but there was Diet Dr. Pepper on ice. How cute is this?

29 is no big deal. Every year and every day is a gift, the more I have, the more blessed I am. Thank you family for such a special day…I have to admit, the spoiling was kind of nice.

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4 Responses to >Mommy had a birthday

  1. >Happy belated birthday!! When did we get this old???

  2. >Wow! That Cory is something else isn't he?

  3. Andrea says:

    >Oops… that last comment was actually from me. I didn't realize Steve was signed in. I wish he read your blog and studied it well!

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