>She is crawling for real now, on hands and knees, and she recently was able to pull herself up to stand at the couch. She will be cruising in no time, but so far she just pulls herself up and looks at you with this look of glee and accomplishment.
This one:

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2 Responses to >crawling

  1. >That's such a cute photo! ❤ Congrats on your newly mobile babe.

  2. >I'm going to stop at your house tomorrow to return the borrowed bags game, and see Miss Thea in action! I'm so proud of her, she's getting soo big! I'm proud of you too, 198 ounces of milk donated! Not only are you a wonderful mother dedicated to your children, but you also make the time and expend the energy to feed other precious babies with your liquid gold boob juice! You. Are amazing. I am very blessed to have you as a sister! And no, I am not drunk. I just love you!

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