>So I guess I have been neglecting my blog.  Sometimes I have so much to share that I feel like I blog too much, and other times I have too much swimming around in my brain to make enough sense to post.  Lately I have been obsessing about vaccinations, and whether or not to get them for my girls (they are getting the H1N1 vaccines tomorrow).  Food, and what I should be eating and feeding my children (Most certainly not the things that we are actually eating). Discipline, and if I am doing it right (probably not, some days I feel like Leila really runs the show around here, and I think she would agree).

We have been busy not sleeping, and again thinking about selling the house.  I spent this weekend power washing the deck and front steps, re-staining  the freshly washed wood (Cory  helped :)) and painting the front door.  Only a few more projects left…we are hoping to list in February…we shall see.

Thea is doing really well, she is getting so big and mobile.  She is also teething again.  She has six teeth and two more on the cusp of joining them, you would never guess that she was getting teeth though, she is really the easiest going baby I know.  I am actually starting to believe that she may one day use those teeth, as she is starting to show some interest in solid food.  She does not like to be fed, but I can give her table food on her tray and she will give it a try…some things more successfully than others.

Leila impresses me more all the time.  Lately when we go for car rides we spend the whole time spelling with Leila.  She can sound out a word and then spell it phonetically.  I am amazed…my 3 year old can spell, how crazy is that?  She also has a great memory.  Case in point, for the last couple of weeks Leila will randomly break out with, “I want 3 things for my birthday, I want a real horse, a bean bag chair, and a trampoline!”
On Sunday Leila, Thea and I went shopping with Papa Carey.  Walking though a store Leila spied a unicorn and suggested that we get that for Grandma for her birthday.  Now Leila’s list has been modified.  When I asked her just now what she wanted for her birthday she said, “I want LOTS of things! I want a horse, a bean bag chair, a trampoline and a unicorn.” When asked what she wants for Christmas, the list is shorter.  “I want DOMINOES!”  I will be curious to see how many sets of dominoes she ends up with for Christmas.

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