>Party Time!

>Last weekend we all traveled to Lincoln, NE for my cousin Brandon’s wedding reception.  The kids were very excited to have a party to go to, and they had a great time.  Leila was totally enthralled by Polly in her wedding dress.  She has this wonderful enchanted look in her eyes when you talk about weddings.  She loves to get to go to princess parties, and nothing says princess like a wedding dress!  I recently pulled my dress out of the closet and tried it on for her, she was very excited! Thea got to meet her Grandma Lorna for the first time!

Leila enjoyed dancing…Dancing with the bride, dancing with her cousin Andrew, Dancing with Momma, Dancing with Daddy…you get the picture.  She had a busy night!

Thea was tired just thinking about it
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3 Responses to >Party Time!

  1. capruess1 says:

    >Uh-oh… Bryce is going to be jealous!

  2. Tricia says:

    >Its ok Cindy, Andrew is family, he isn't boyfriend material for Leila 😉

  3. capruess1 says:

    >Okay…I'll tell him to stop crying now.

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