>Leila’s Thankgiving

>Love-A-Lot (The girl’s daycare) has a Thanksgiving tradition of hosting a turkey lunch for all of the kids and the parents of the bigger kids.  This is the 2nd year that Leila’s group was included and so Cory and I took a long lunch on Tuesday to go have lunch with Leila.  The kids sang a couple of songs that Leila refused to participate in, and then the teacher read off each child’s Thanksgiving letter.  They got to choose who to write to, and what to say.  They also had each child make themselves a placemat with a collage of their favorite foods.

Here is Leila’s letter to Mommy:

If you can’t read it, it says, “Dear Mommy, I am thankful for no one biting me because I don’t like anyone biting me.”  Thea has been biting a lot lately, I guess Leila is thankful that Mom and Dad have been the only ones on the receiving end of those chomps….so far.
Leila’s placemat.  Notice how she wrote her own name?! and the foods are pretty accurate…pop tarts, ice cream, some fruit, candy and chicken nuggets.  If there was a PBJ on there, it would about sum up her entire diet.

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