>My Thea Girl

>It is all going by so fast…When Thea was born I thought she looked a whole lot like her sister.  Nearly 9 months later the similarities aren’t nearly as obvious, but they are still there.  Mostly in the big full baby cheeks and sweet baby hand gestures that I remember so fondly from the first time around.  My Thea has a look of her own, that I think is mostly to her Daddy’s credit, though the nose is all me.  Well all me, and my dad and my Grandma Dalene.  Her eyes are a beautiful color of green/hazel/brown.  Like Cory’s, only a shade or two darker.  It is a color I haven’t seen before, and I like. 

This evening Thea was exploring, crawling around while I was making dinner and as she ventured into the kitchen Cory followed behind her calling out, “Thea, where do you think you are going!?” And as he closed in on her she took off faster with a sweet baby giggle.  What a big grown up girl!

This past couple of weeks have seemed to age her quite a bit, she has started giving kisses, if she is in the mood and you ask her she will stick out her tongue and come right in for a big wet one! 

We have been doing baby sign language with her for some time, but the one sign that she has quickly picked up on and will return is the sign for dog, which usually comes along with a loud “Da!”  Thea really likes Zoey…Zoey really likes to lick Thea’s ears and then run away before she loses a handful of fur.

Though she still isn’t sleeping very well, normally waking up 2-4 times a night to nurse back to sleep, I can’t help but forgive that sweet little face for my lack of sleep.  At least she is a great cuddle bug…just don’t let her snuggle in too much or she will take a bite, and believe me, it hurts!

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