>Simple Christmas


I do not like Christmas.  It is too expensive, it is stressful, it is too much work and it introduces too much clutter into my already cluttered house.
I really didn’t want to get a tree this year, but I didn’t  considered not having a tree of some kind for very long, and I am so glad we got one.  I would call it a compromise because we did get a tree, and it is a real tree, but it is also about 3 feet high.  I am actually really happy with it.  It was easy to decorate and Leila could help without any trouble.  It hardly takes up any space at all, and we can put it on our breakfast bar and avoid Thea trying to pull up on it.
As an added bonus, while Leila and I decorated the other day, she said, “I love our tree.  This is the best Christmas EVER.”  As much as I don’t like Christmas, I adore the excitement that Leila shows.  Not just for the tree and the presents to come from Santa, but for making cookies together and best of all, for time spent with family.  I am a family girl and so far, Leila is undeniably taking after her momma.  I can’t imagine a trait of mine that I would more like her to have.

So this year, in order to focus on Leila’s joy and excitement for the season and reduce my own stress, unhappiness and financial burden, Christmas has been scaled back in all of the less important ways.  I don’t need a big tree, I don’t need a lot of gifts.  We have tried to pick something thoughtful for those closest to us without breaking the bank. And though in past years I have made a lot of gifts, I just haven’t had time or space to sew, so even our homemade gifts are being scaled back. (Though I plan to post about the gifts that Leila and I will be making for the daycare staff.)  I am not going to worry about spending “enough” on each gift.  I am not even going to stress about how much my gifts will be enjoyed.   

For me it is not even so much about refocusing on the reason for Christmas, because I think I have that down and am working on it with Leila.  It is much more about taking the self imposed pressure to please off of myself.  I already know that a three foot tall tree means the best Christmas ever to my most important critic, even if the house across the street may have a 9 footer.


And here is the only other Holiday decorations I bothered with this year.

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  1. EarthKeeper says:

    >What a perfect Christmas it will be.

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