>We took Leila and Thea to see Santa the other night with the Smith family.  Leila wasn’t scared of him at all and walked right up to him and told him that she wanted a music box.  I guess her mind has changed since we first started asking her. 
One thing that surprises me is that even though Leila watches TV.  And I mean way too much TV, she hasn’t asked for any specific toys, I don’t think she even knows what a Zhu Zhu pet is.
Aunt Donna is taking care of the music box, so Santa is bringing the bean bag chair that I hope she still wants.  Of course, there is more than that, but I am not sure what all we give Santa credit for. 
Here is Thea with Daddy while we waited our turn for Santa:

Here are the babies with Santa!


We went to South Slope to see the big guy, and it was nice!  They had cartoons on a big screen and coloring pages while we waited.  Each kid got a bag with fruit and candy, it reminded me of my own Santa meetings at the fire station in Tabor.

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