>Merry Christmas

>I have lots of things that I have planned on putting up on my blog lately, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.  I am tired, exhausted really, but enjoying this day, and reflecting on memories of Thea’s first Christmas, and Leila’s first Christmas of really “getting” everything and being excited for Santa. 
Christmas Eve is a really really long day for us, but once again we went through our routine of prepping the house and making food for Cory’s side of the family celebration. After dinner with the Coobs’ we all ventured out in the cold rain to Christmas Eve church services.  This year was the first year that I can remember that I had the pleasure of looking down my pew at church and seeing the faces of every one of my siblings along with my parents and Cory’s family, and it really brought me a lot of pleasure to be there with all of these people that I love so much, sharing my favorite church service of the year. 
After the readings and discussion of Luke 2, our church has a candlelit singing of Silent Night to end the evening.  This year sweet Leila even held her own candle and stared at it intensely, during a rare calm Leila moment.
I woke up not feeling well on Christmas Morning, really not well.  I don’t know what it was, maybe the combination of too much food and not enough sleep, but I had to take a break and rest before we could move on to Christmas at the Howard house.  Thankfully we made it out and had a great day.  I will post some pictures, but right now I am recovering from clearing our driveway and the neighbors of this mornings snow, and reflecting on my lovely family while Cory and Leila build a castle with leila’s new blocks and I can’t bring myself to get up and go find the camera!
Our girls are both so excited for their presents.  Leila got everything she asked for aside for the real horse (no surprise there) and the dominoes! I was so sure that she would get lots of them since she told EVERYONE that she wanted them…I guess everyone else had the same idea but Leila hasn’t mentioned them and I am thinking she forgot she asked for them to begin with. 
Thea got some really cute toys that make all kinds of noise, and she seems to really like watching them in action. 
My girls looked so beautiful in their Christmas dresses and seeing their happy faces has brought me so much joy this holiday season.  But of course, today is the day after Christmas and if you drive by my house, you will see that Christmas tree sitting out by the curb! 🙂

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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