Today we pulled up to our house just as we were beginning to lose the very last bit of sunlight that today had to offer.  I jumped out of the car at the end of the driveway to get the mail from the mailbox.  The cold wind greeted me and offered a reminder of the bitter winter that I try to block out of my mind.  Empty.  Not even a bill to make my early exit into the cold worth the walk to the only slightly warmer garage.
As I walked past the poor Alero, whose spot in the garage has been taken over by miscellaneous boxes of junk and summer’s left over yard toys, I inspected the long snaky looking lines of ice running down the length of the windows and doors. Signs of a warmer day, when the weekend’s snow began to disappear, only to be caught by the cold darkness that always comes too soon and leaves behind, instead of piles of light soft snow, the cold hard ice of a failed attempt at melting.
Tomorrow will be another race with the sun to melt away the burden of winters cold and snow before the premature darkness of the season arrives.  It feels like a never ending un-winnable race.

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