>2009 In 10 pictures


 We celebrated the arrival of Thea Dalene, and our family of four!
 Leila turned 3!
 Thea got fatter…
Family vacation, and Thea’s first boat ride!

And her first tailgate…Go Hawks!
We enjoyed the beautiful orchard, first for apples, later for pumpkins
Swinging during our Indian summer
Farmin’ with our friends!
A first Christmas as sisters

2009 held many other significant events as well.  We had a year of house guests when we hosted Cassie from sometime in January until the end of July, and then Grandma Sandi and Papa Ed from August through September or so while Ed recovered from his stroke.
Leila had her first haircut, and continued to get smarter all the time.  She has been a wonderful big sister to Thea and we are so proud of her.
Thea has grown so much, and gotten so big and strong that we are amazed by  her already.  She is strong as an ox and equally stubborn, much like her sister.

It has been a wonderful year filled with blessings for us, and I have high hopes for 2010 for my family and yours.  Happy New Year!

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