>Swimming lessons!

>Cory is such a trooper…he swam with Thea while I watched Leila from the deck.  The idea of wearing a swimming suit makes me want to cry.

Leila leading the charge into the pool! I am so proud of how brave and agreeable she is about swim lessons.  She is a leader and shows the other kids that it’s ok to get your hair wet!.

Look at those chunky thighs! I had two other mom’s come up to me at swim lessons to ask if that was my baby and both commented that she was so adorable and chunky, which she is!

Thea loved swimming lessons!

This picture is zoomed, which my camera doesn’t do very well, but she looked so cute holding that little ball! 
Sorry for the lack of Leila pictures.  It was hard to get her without the teacher and the other kids.
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