>There is something about the melting snow, longer days and boxes of girl scout cookies that makes it really hard to stay unhappy. Spring is in the air, and I am anxiously awaiting the day when I can take the girls out without jackets. I can tell it is coming!

I still can’t find my card reader, and that is a real bummer. Thea is growing up so much and doing many cute things that I have caught on film, but have no way of sharing. The girl loves to dance and she loves her maracas. It is very sweet to see her holding them and doing a little dance.

She is standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, but she promptly sits down as soon as she realizes that the toys in her hands aren’t supporting her. She just seems so grown up, the last couple of weeks have seemed to age her tremendously. She is such a joy, I can’t imagine our family without her.

Leila is her same super sassy and sweet self. She got to go bowling with her dad for Bowl for Kids Sake a couple of weeks ago and she loved it. She has asked to go again several times since then. She was the only little kid around, but that didn’t bother her a bit. She loves people, and she loves parties. She followed that up with attendance at a retirement party for one of my teammates, and a graduation party for another work friend of ours. Quite the socialite she is turning into. One common theme…the fit she throws when she has to leave.

Thea’s party is next Saturday, and I am really hoping to find that card reader before then!

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  1. >I got a card reader for around $5 at Walmart a couple of weeks ago… I lose mine regularly!

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