>Thea at one year

>Thea had her 1 year appointment this week.  I had already made plans to visit my friend and her twin babies in the NICU so Cory had the task of taking Thea to the Doctor.  She weighed in at 26 lbs, 9 ounces, and she is 30 and 3/4 inches tall.  She is a big girl.

She isn’t walking yet, but she stands unassisted and will give you the, “look at me, aren’t I hot stuff?” face while she does it.  She has taken one step and fallen quite a few times, but she is in way too much of a hurry to try to slow down and balance herself walking, she would much prefer to turbo crawl.  This is really fine with me, she is already growing up too fast.

She is a great baby girl, she loves to eat bananas.  Her boppy pillow is a big hit, she is so cute lounging in it like it is a recliner. Blankets are a big hit with Thea too.  She has a favorite pink blanket that Grandpa Warren got for her, but she will smoosh her face in and roll around on the floor with just about any blanket she can find.  She loves toys that play music she can dance too and she has a couple of words.  She says Mama, Dada, LaLa (Leila), Dog, all done and yeah.  I haven’t heard her say no yet, but I am sure that one will come soon.

Leila and Thea still get along pretty well, but for some reason they both always want the same toy.  That gets really frustrating for all of us!

Cory and I are trying to get moving on the packing business…next week we close on our lot and then two weeks after that we get our apartment so we can move out of here and get it cleaned up before our house closing.   I am anxious to get to a slightly more settled point in this transition so I am looking forward to May!  Not only will we be settled into our new temporary home, but we will be welcoming a new baby girl into the Howard family when Andrea and Steve’s daughter arrives.  We can’t wait!

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