>The babes

>I really like this picture that Cory took of Thea. She loves this toy and has gotten to the point where she can open and close the doors herself, and then she claps to celebrate. So stinkin cute!

We went to a summer festival in Cedar Rapids last weekend and we had a fun time. Leila got to play on inflatables, which she LOVES and we all got to hang out and enjoy the nice weather before the rain set it.

This is another picture of Thea that shows her little personality. She has started to carry around this purse and stick treasures in it. I just love seeing how much she is picking up from other people. She is doing lots of sign language these days, including “all done,” “more,” “drink,” “milk,” and “bath.” I can’t get enough of my little princesses and they both seem to really like each other and seek each other out to play together during our days together. Life is good!

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  1. Cory says:

    >I saw the best example of how much Thea likes her sister this morning. While Mommy and Leila were still asleep, Thea and I were playing in the living room. She'd apparently had enough of just me because she got up, waddled over to Leila's closed door, reached her hand up on the knob, turned back to me, and whined, sad pouty face and all. She quite obviously wanted her sister to come out and play with her!It was only a few minutes later that Leila came out to see her. I think Thea will be my new weapon to get Leila up for school in the mornings…

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