>Summer Fun!


This will be my last summer of part-time employment, and I am trying to make the best of it.  Starting in October it will be back to the grind full time, and in the mean time I am working on finding as much fun, cheap or free activities that I can enjoy with the girls as possible.  My goal is to load up on memories (though I am probably the only one who will remember them) and tire my kids out so I can manage to get them to sleep even though Leila says, “I don’t want to go to sleep when the sun is still awake!”

So far we have made a couple of trips to a splash pad, we are working on earning a T-shirt through the library summer reading program and we have explored several area parks (Free!).  I am on the look out for out of the ordinary and so I was excited to see that after seeing the Richmond’s post about the ski show in Cedar Rapids, that there was another performance that we could hit.  My kids love to boat, and watching Daddy ski is always a high light.  Hopefully after seeing the barefoot skiers, and the skiing pyramids, they will still be impressed by Cory!

Here are some pictures of the Coobs’ (And Smith! 🙂 Family summer so far!

Splash pad!!

Sawyer the gunner!

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