>America’s Birthday, Take 2

>On to the fun stuff!

We had a great time at the parade. Leila picked up more candy then she could ever eat on her own. (I personally am very happy that tootsie rolls are such a popular parade treat…my favorite!)
We made a birthday cake for America, and we shared it with our dear friends the Weber’s.
I have a couple of pictures from the parade that I stole from Cory’s Facebook page…I have been so exhausted I haven’t uploaded any pictures myself…not to mention that it is very difficult to take pictures with my new fancy camera while also keeping at least 1 child under control. I have much higher hopes for my photography ability than I probably should. I think I am going to see about signing up for a class somewhere…I could use the help.

After the birthday cake we were able to check out Coralville’s fireworks show. I had been looking forward to taking some fireworks pictures but with the view of the fireworks slightly obstructed by hyvee’s parking lot lights, I decided to just sit and enjoy the show with our kids. Thea slept through the whole thing, and Leila, Bryce and Eli went back and forth between enjoying the show, and terrorizing each other. I think there were some tired kids out that night!

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