>House progress!

>We are starting to get somewhere now!

The decking for the first floor went down at the end of last week

And today…

The first floor is basically done! There aren’t many interior walls, there is a bathroom and a closet, otherwise it is completely open.

The garage floor hasn’t been poured yet, so they have not framed the garage. I am not sure if we will see the second floor go up before we leave for a weeks vacation this weekend, but either way, we are so happy to see things moving along and really curious to see what it will look like when we get back into town!

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2 Responses to >House progress!

  1. Turley Times says:

    >Very nice! There is a house being built down the street from us and we are amazed almost daily by how quickly it's being built. Hopefully yours goes just as fast!Hannah

  2. joven says:

    >beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..http://forlots.blogspot.com/

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