>House stuff

>We rolled into town after a week in Warsaw to see tons of house progress! We were thrilled to be able to walk into the house and actually see the layout all framed up and to be able to show the girls their future bedrooms. It makes everything seem so much more real!
This is the view from the outside…part of the roof of the porch isn’t on there yet in this picture, but you get the idea. The house will have a rail on the front stoop. I could say it is a porch, but it is really pretty small.

This is Leila in the bonus bedroom over the garage. It is bigger than either of the girls rooms, but we are going to use it as an office/craft room for our computer workstation and my sewing stuff…maybe a little table and chairs for the girls to color at. That bedroom also has a pretty huge walk in closet that we can use for storage, and opposite that closet is the laundry room.

This is a picture that I took from the front door. Our downstairs is all open. The small window is in the kitchen.

Our closing date has been moved back and so we are now looking at mid October because of the raining June/July we had. It is disappointing, but we want everything done right…we don’t want to move again!

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