>The calm before the storm…


Before our weekend ended with a 48 hour hospital stay, we spent an afternoon at the apple orchard. We were actually at the orchard, waiting in line to pay for our treats when Cory told me that his heart had gone into the erratic rhythm. It wasn’t a new experience for us, so we sat down and ate our apple treats before heading home to see if it would take care of itself. I told Cory he could have an hour to lay down, relax and see what happens, if things were still not right we would be going to the ER. He didn’t argue with me and after his rest at home, we called in the troops (Our wonderful families that helped us out with our girls).

Anyway, back to the calm, which wasn’t actually all that calm. The orchard was busy and there were lines for everything, but we still had a great time. We picked apples, took a little ride on a tractor trailer and enjoyed warm turnovers. I had been having a rough weekend, and I am so glad that we did this fun family activity before everything went down with Cory’s heart. As hectic as it was to deal with keeping the kids under control and the fighting the crowds, it was just the boost I needed to get through.

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