>I try not to talk politics too much on here, or in real life for that matter. I hate being disappointed by humanity, and politics inevitable disappoint. I don’t like either party very much, and I don’t particularly care about the election results, with one exception. I am really disheartened by the vote in Iowa to not retain the 3 judges on the ballot, who along with the other 4 supreme court judges, ruled that gay marriage is not illegal. There are a lot of implications to this action that make me uncomfortable, but above all it makes me really sad that so many people want to take out their anger on these individuals, for doing their jobs and making rulings based on the constitution. And that aside, I am really sad that there are so many people who want to stand in the way of marriage equality. I can’t think of a single reason why someone would care to keep someone else from having the rights they enjoy. I know that there are people that I really respect that hold this opinion, but this is an opinion that I can not respect. God is love, and the hate puts me in a bad mood. I feel like we are involved in an ongoing sporting event and both teams will do anything to win. bleck.

This afternoon I turned on my Van Morrison Pandora station on my phone and reminded myself that there is so much more to life than politics.

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  1. Colleen says:

    >Someone put it to me as though our country is like a car stuck between two walls and can only go forward, then backwards, forward, then backwards. I'm really curious, and a little worried, as to what may happen during the next two years. I hope they prove me wrong and have the most two effective years of government in the last 10, but we'll see…

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