>I remember quite vividly from when I was a child, thinking about what I would do when I was grown up. I had a couple of requirements that stick out in my memory. No pantyhose required and no early mornings.

Someone once suggested to childhood me that maybe I would enjoy being a teacher. At the time I must have had a teacher who liked to wear skirts because I knew right away that it was a no go. Pantyhose.

I currently own no pantyhose, but I do get up earlier than I would ever choose. Lately I feel like every morning I wake up tired and rushed. We hustle out the door as soon as we can get all the teeth and hairs in the house brushed and we are off to the races. A rushed drop off at daycare, a day spent watching the hours creep by and 4:30 hits and we are running again.

I miss the sun, I miss friends that I can’t work up the energy to seek out at the end of the day. My kids go to bed, and I fall in right behind them, dreading the alarm clock in the morning.

Sounds like life to me. But at least there are no pantyhose.

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