>Building forts

>I guess this is one of those things that kids do, and when I was telling Cory the story about watching Thea as she one by one pulled the cushion tops off of each of the ottoman sections and set them up on their sides in the living room, he was quick to jump in and say that Leila had done the same thing last week. Monkey See Monkey do I guess, but it was still so cute to watch her little mind working out the logistics of her fort.

Leila is teaching her sister lots of things, how to count, how to identify colors, how to build forts. I know that I recently posted about wondering what Thea would be like without her big sister’s influence, but then I guess she wouldn’t be the same Thea. As they continue to grow up together I am sure the influence will start to grow in both directions, just as I hope that at some point in my life I have influenced my older sister as my younger siblings have done to me.

I hope that as a parent I am giving my children the values that I hold dear, but as my Dad can attest to, as much as you try to show your children the way of the world, sometimes they go off in their own direction. I wonder how I will feel the first time Leila or Thea voice a true opinion that is not one that I share, aside from “candy makes a good dinner.” I hope to think that it won’t throw me for a loop, that I will be able to understand where they are coming from. I am hoping that I can sit back and marvel at the way their minds work, but I should probably prepare myself for the inevitable bewilderment.

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