Updates and what not

I was going to post some pictures from Leila’s pre-school graduation, and of the spaghetti monsters we had for dinner tonight, but then I realized I forgot to bring the camera upstairs and I am too lazy to go and get it.  How is that for honesty? I promise I will get to the pictures eventually, just not today.  Something to look forward to!

Instead, you get the wordy update-y stuff instead.  Things are going really well for the Coobs’ family.  Cory and I took Leila to the doctor’s office today for her pre- kindergarten check up and she took her shots like a total champ.  Not a tear or a complaint!  So we promptly took her to Target and let her pick out anything she wanted (within reason) as a reward her for bravery.  She picked a toy that will forever remind me of my baby sister Dani.  One of these: 

She is super excited for school, and every day she asks about when she can go on the boat.  Hopefully the swimming lessons that she starts next week will help give her a water fix.

Thea is as cute as ever.  Lately she has been having her teacher Mel do her hair for her in the morning.  She will not let me do anything with her hair, but Mel braids it.  I guess she has the magic touch.  Everyday I tell her how pretty her hair is and she says, “Mel did it!”

Leila is currently teaching Leila the alphabet.  Thea has A-E down.  Leila will rattle off each letter and have Thea repeat her.  I am sure it is only a short matter of time until she has them all down, thanks to her big sister.  Thea is talking SO MUCH these days!  It is amazing to see how quickly she has picked up language after being a very quiet child for so long.  Last night as Cory put Thea to bed he said, “I Love you Thea” and she responded with, “I Love you Daddy.  So much.”  Melt my heart!

Cory is doing really well, he is playing in a weekly golf league this summer, and I can tell he really enjoys it, so I am very happy that it is something that we could work into the schedule.  He is of course doing very well at work.  The man loves his job, you can’t really beat that.

I am also doing pretty well.  I recently passed a professional certification exam (The same one that Cory passed in February) and I am now a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional.  Sounds fun, huh?  It was actually kind of nice to study again, and to have a clear, attainable goal to reach towards.  I struggle a lot with my job because I get worn out when I don’t see real results of my effort, so that gave me a much needed boost.

Cory and I have both been working out at a gym for several months, and I really enjoy it.  I have been taking a pilates class that makes me feel really awesome and strong.  I am also trying to build up some running endurance in preparation for a 5k.  I have done one before, but I want to run the whole thing and feel good about my time.  The race is in October, so I have lots of time, and hopefully will get in a practice 5k or two before then.

I am also reading more lately, I am going to read the whole bible.  I am currently in Judges.  Old Testament reading is kind of a downer though, so things are going slowly.  It is something that is important to me though, so I will power on through, slowly but surely.

So there you have it.  We have been doing our best to live every day, play at the park, sit on the deck, visit with those people that we love and make times for the hobbies that we enjoy.  The girls are thriving, and we are all so happy to be settled into our hopefully forever home.  Life is good.

We are also saying lots of prayers for Clay’s friend Sam.  If you are so  inclined, join me in asking God to bless him with a strong recovery.

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